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"As players, we're told to, 'Ah, no, you can't say that, you can't say this,'" Green said. "But teams can? It goes along the same lines of when everyone wants to say, 'Ah, man, that young guy can't figure it out.' But no one wants to say the organization can't figure it out. At some point, the players must be respected in these situations, and it's ridiculous, and I'm sick of seeing it. Y'all have a great night. I'll see y'all [Tuesday] or Wednesday."

However, as difficult as it is to work out potential trades that would make sense, that’s not to say it’s impossible to envision a scenario where Griffin gets his wish of playing for a more competitive team as his career winds down. Midseason buyouts are rare, but if the Pistons cut him loose, plenty of teams will line up to land a former superstar with passing abilities and an improved 3-point shot to their roster at a discounted price.

If Charles Barkley were to pick the reserve players out of the Western Conference, he would select Jordan Clarkson over Anthony Davis.Indiana Pacers


Nba Face Mask Price

"Not that they don't have any issues, but they seemingly have a lot fewer issues than some of the other teams in the league. Draymond, the way his sharp mind works, has an opportunity to take some digs at other teams and in turn build up the Warriors franchise."Brooklyn Nets

The Jazz (24-6) also had guard Mike Conley (right hamstring) back in the lineup for this showdown between two of the West's best teams. Conley scored 16 points, but it was Donovan Mitchell who nearly kept the Jazz's streak alive. Mitchell scored 35 points, with 29 coming in the second half. The guard scored 12 points in the final 1:23 when he helped Utah slice a late 13-point deficit down to two with 13 seconds remaining.Oklahoma City Thunder

Whether the Pistons can find a deal for Griffin could be a challenge. Griffin is owed $36.8 million this season and will make $39 million next year. Teams may be hesitant to take on that contract considering Griffin has experienced some decline the past couple of seasons.


After a four-game winning streak made it seem like the Pelicans had figured things out, the defense took steps backward over their most recent three losses. New Orleans gave up 25 3-pointers to Chicago, 25 to Dallas and 17 to Detroit. The 67 3-pointers yielded in that span are the most ever given up over a three-game period in NBA history, according to ESPN Stats & Information research. The Pelicans are now 29th in the league in defensive rating -- and over the past three games, that stat is a mind-blowing 136.7. -- LopezMemphis Grizzlies
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